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meadow SAGE builders pride our selves on delivering highest quality work for our clients.

Innovative Design:

We work with designers to provide each project unique features that will truly make it stand apart from the rest.


Our project management style is very hands on, we make sure that communication is clear and transparent.


Every project is competitively priced, in clear to understand way, so that the client never feels taken advantage of.

Expert Builder In Calgary

Specializing in high end renovation projects and new builds, meadow SAGE builders brings over 40 years of construction experience. We have worked along many award-winning architects and designers to bring finest quality to our clients.

Our step by step process makes it painless to complete project from A to Z:

  • Consultation
  • Preliminary Design
  • Development Permit
  • Construction Drawings
  • Building Permit
  • Inspections
  • Construction
  • Post Construction Follow Up
  • Warranties
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Some of our Calgary projects


Comfort in Kensington

We very much enjoyed having Bernie Necker and his team around every day. What a great group of guys! They were always willing to take the time to answer our questions and to collaborate until we were fully confident with the direction we were going. We took comfort in Bernie’s years of experience. He knew what would and would not work from an engineering standpoint, and saved us from many costly mistakes.

“Bernie Necker and his “Sage” team truly earned our trust. They worked late into the night to meet deadlines as required, kept a close eye on the project budget, and saved us from making costly decisions on more occasions that I care to admit.“

Sixties to wow

“We hired Bernie Necker and his team to do a complete interior renovation of our home, which included structural work to remove a number of interior walls. We are extremely happy with the results. Bernie’s team was professional and committed to delivering a final product that met our satisfaction. Given the size of our spend, we were also delighted with Bernie’s invoicing system which provided us with timely bills in a very transparent manner. It was crystal clear to us why costs were what they were.

As with all large complex projects, things inevitably went wrong. What we appreciated most about Bernie is that he sat with us to brainstorm and figure out how we could best bring things back on track to meet our budget and timeline constraints.”

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